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Here is a "1960 Super Eagle" . It has an 8 horsepwer engine with the origonal Tilltson
carb. The large rear fender is what designates it as a "Super". It has a top
speed of about 45 MPH. That was plenty for the young owners that Cushman trageted in
the 1950's. Most owners used them to deliver newspapers or drive to their after school jobs.
This particular one has a lot of aftermarket chrome. Most teenage owners could not afford that.

This is a "1965 Silver Eagle" . The 9 horsepower is what designates it as a "Silver". This one
has a custom paint job and many aftermarket items, some that were not available in 1965. The engine
was stroked and a hotter camshaft was installed. This later engine is an overhead
valve, pushrod design. It was great improvement over the flathead.

This is a "1956 Standard Eagle" . It is the basic design with an 8 horsepower flathead engine.
This one has an aftermarket Mikuni carb. It is a great improvement over the origonal.

If anyone wants to know the real reason that carbs work, read "here".

This is not Cushman related but is very creative and funny. Thanks to Sonja Britton
for sending it to me. "Norton Commando"

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Sonja Britton is the Vice-Chair of the New Mexico National DWI Victims'
Memorial of Perpetual Tears. Please check out their "website"

During the month of October New Mexico Cushman Group members Alan and Maggie
Hill spent the month in Australia. During the visit they visited CCOA member
Charles Welch. Here is the story of their "adventure."

Update 11-16-12